12 Keys to a More Creative, Stress-Free Life

Have you ever felt stuck and been unable to describe or even explain the feeling?  Do you ever hear your own negative thoughts, calling yourself things like lazy or a procrastinator because you’re slacking on just getting the job done, whatever it may be?

You are neither stuck, lazy, nor a procrastinator.  What you are is creatively blocked and unfulfilled.  Please don’t rebuttal with, ‘but I don’t have a creative bone in me!’  Each of us is a unique, creative individual, but we often blur that uniqueness with sugar, alcohol, drugs, overwork, underplay, bad relations, toxic sex, under-exercise, over-TV, under-sleep, and so many other things.  These are the many varied forms of junk food for the Soul.   

I once read a quote that said “Nothing changes if nothing changes”.  I sure would love to meet the person who said it so plainly and succinctly!  But it’s so true; nothing changes if nothing changes!  If what you have been doing is no longer working for you, then you need to change what you’re doing.  That sounds like a huge and overbearing feat – where do I begin in changing what’s not working for me?  How do I even identify what it is that’s not working for me?

I present to you Science of the Soul’s first installment: 12 Keys to a More Creative, Stress-Free Life.  Over the course of the next 12 days, I will provide one key change that you can incorporate into your life for a far more fulfilling experience.  These 12 steps are aimed at helping you to look more closely within yourself, to identify the toxicity that is preventing you from moving forward and becoming your dream.  I encourage you to embark on the challenge of Self-discovery and Self-care with these 12 steps.  Write them down, post them somewhere you can see them daily, and tackle one at a time.  Once you feel you have nearly mastered one step, move on to the next.  I guarantee that you will witness an amazing evolution within yourself that will propel you in a new direction!

I’m looking forward to hearing your responses and feedback about your growth and changes!  Best wishes to you all!

– Rita



2 thoughts on “12 Keys to a More Creative, Stress-Free Life

  1. Reblogged this on Inquire Within and commented:
    With my latest blog about our creative Self, this blogger came into my view. Synchronicity stardust? Possibly. I’ve been diving into these steps/blog (this one is the beginning, you’ll find each step on their blog home page) posts over the last several days and I think any of you inspired by my Creative High post will find these steps fertilizer for your creative progress. Enjoy!

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