Personalized Coaching Services

Coaching seems to be one of those new fads that’s surely taking off.  I’m usually not one to follow trends, but as a Therapist I was instantly drawn towards coaching as a means of enhancing my skills.  It’s quite interesting though, because as I was researching this new facet of my professional career, I came to realize that it’s vastly different from counseling!

Here are some ways that Coaching differs from Therapy:
Therapy focuses on healing & recovery from old wounds.
Coaching focuses on evolving & moving forward toward the future the you envision.
Therapists work with you to achieve self-understanding.
Coaches work to motivate you to a higher level of functioning.
Therapy emphasizes understanding your past, your feelings, & your behaviors.
Coaching is for individuals who have accepted their past & emphasizes taking action towards a more peaceful future.

If you feel that embarking on an Journey towards a new Life with the encouragement of a certified, professional Coach is your thing, then get in touch!  You can see a list of my services by clicking on the Services page.  For more information you can email

Happy Traveling!

– Rita


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