Step 5: Learn To Let Go

As you now know, nurturing your Creative Self can be a very Spiritual experience.  This is so because in nurturing yourself you nurture your ties to your Spiritual center, which is from where creativity flows freely.  One way in which we prevent ourselves from living more fulfilling lives is by holding on to the belief that our Spiritual Source (call it what you may; God, the Universe, a Higher Power, etc.) dishes goods in limited proportions.  Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I don’t want my luck to run out.”, “I don’t want to ‘jinx’ myself.”, “I’m afraid that something will go wrong since things have been good for a while now.”?  We often set limits on how much good we can receive, and when given in abundance we often send some back.  These are Self-limiting belief systems that need to be corrected!
I’ll say it again: Creativity flows from your Spiritual Center, and your Spiritual Center is fed with Creative energy, however you choose to engage it.  The trick is to believe that you deserve good in abundance, and only then will you open yourself to receiving all that is good.  We must learn to let go of the need to control where the sources of good in our lives come from, and begin believing that our Spiritual Source wants and wills good for us all in due time.  Part of the Journey to this acceptance occurs when you nurture your Self, and your Creative Self, by doing things that you love and enjoy.

Good Luck!


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