Step 9: Recover Your Enthusiasm

So you are nine steps into the Creative Journey, have you found yourself feeling inspired yet?  Maybe you walked past an art store and went in for a quick browse.  Perhaps you took a stroll through a local museum and came home with a renewed feeling of hope and tons of Creative energy.  Then you look towards your art supplies and shove away the idea of pulling them out for another day.  Sound familiar?

We often incorrectly label this inability to start as laziness, but it is not laziness, it is fear!  It may be the fear of failure or the fear of success, or even the fear of abandonment.  It is often characterized by the subconscious thought that if you are going to attempt this it better be impressive.  These fears are often rooted in your childhood realities, but that doesn’t mean you have to allow them to continue controlling your Present.

The keys to controlling disabling fear is to A) recognize it as FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) and B) give yourself permission to begin small and move forward one baby step at a time.  Reward yourself for each small achievement (perhaps a new set of brushes for the great task of actually pulling out your art supplies and inspecting your collection).  Setting impossible goals (“This finished piece must be pretty impressive!”) creates enormous fear, which in turn perpetuates procrastination, which we wrongly label laziness.

The next key to controlling disabling fear is to recover your Enthusiasm.  It was once a part of you and your Creative Self, but chances are it has fizzled or died due to malnourishment.  What makes you giddy, happy, squirm like a kid in a candy store?  When you feel passionately about something, chances are you will be naturally good at it and you will be able to keep the Ego in check.  Discipline proves fruitless when you are not Enthusiastic about your Creative experience.  Find your muse and the rest will follow!


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