Step 10: Learn To Trust YourSelf

In this Creative Journey we’ve tackled our Self-protecting (and Self-limiting) Ego, our perfectionist and our FEARs.  Who knew this would be so much work?!  Self-care is not easy to maintain, but it sure is easy to neglect!  As we near the end of our Creative Journey I encourage you to short-hand these steps and keep them nearby where you can see them daily.  Tackle one at a time, in your own time, and remember to be Graceful with yourself!

Once the fog has cleared and you begin to get a clear sense of who you are and what you are doing, the Creative Energy will flow freely and you will experience no strain.  When you resist what that Energy might show you or where it might take you (that maybe you are talented after all), you may experience a shaky, out-of-control feeling.  Your immediate response might be to shut down the flow of this Creative Energy and regain a sense of control.  In other words, you may slam on the psychic brakes, putting your Creative output at a complete standstill.  The purpose of all this shutting down is to alleviate fear (there’s that word again).

Rather than turning to workaholism, food, sweets, alcohol, or other excuses to alleviate these fears, simply try Trusting your intuition, your talent, your skill, and your desire.  Easier said than done, I know.  But why is it so easy to Trust your intuition, your talent, your skill, and your desire in other Life experiences?  You are probably an excellent worker, aware of your capabilities and able to display your talents to your colleagues and supervisors.  Or, maybe you are a great cook.  You have a knack for concocting great tasting meals without following recipes, simply using the common ingredients you have in your refrigerator.  What is the difference when it comes to your Creative Self?  Why slam on the brakes when it comes to doing something kind for yourSelf?


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