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Phase I: Writing (Friday 7 PM to Saturday 5AM)

It all began on Friday, June 8th, 2012. The Fog Belt Films producers (Adam and Leslie) attended the 48 Hour Film Project Kickoff event at City Nights, in San Francisco. Meanwhile, the writing team gathered at my place, pens and computers in hand, ready to write all night. For continuity’s sake, the director and editor were also present. We had been preparing mentally for weeks.

I had sketched out a timeline for the Fog Belt film crew. We had to write all night and have our script finished by no later than dawn on Saturday morning, in time for shooting. Shooting was planned for all day Saturday, from 8AM to no later than Midnight, because everyone agreed that we needed to reserve as much time as possible for editing. Editing and post-production was scheduled from late Saturday night until the film…

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