What a great post and fantastic concept from Science of the Soul follower ‘Freedom to a Full Life’. Check her blog out for lots of educational and inspiring information!

Freedom to a Full Life

I feel that most of my readers are familiar with the chakras and their functions, so, I won’t bore you with the basics in this post. What I’ve been experimenting with is the concept that the chakras may start out as wheels of energy but that they are actually much more than just wheels. My theory is that as we free energy blockages and develop the chakra energy centers these energy portals or stations expand out and become something more based upon each individual person and their unique energy make-up. I also am not convinced that everyone’s chakras are the same base colors. What I’m developing is a combination of color therapy and chakra clearing meditation.

I’ve gotten a couple people close to me to allow me to use them as guinea pigs, plus I’ve done the work on myself as well, so, here are some examples. One person felt…

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