BOMBtastic!! My cousin is an AMAZING writer and has recently had the opportunity to be a part of this ingeniously Creative project!

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Phase II: Shooting A Movie (Saturday 8AM to Sunday 1AM)

“I’m up! I’m up! Leaving now!” was my 8AM text, after a 2 hour nap, to the Fog Belt Saturday morning. Chris, our editor, had spent the night on my rather comfortable sofa. He and I set out together to the movie set. Our assistant director, Kevin, secured a sweet location for us: a lovely, recently remodeled 1940s condo on Liberty Heights.

Our directory Cory showed up with the shot list formulated in his head. We filmed the first scene that way, then broke for lunch. During lunch, I prepared a shot list for the remaining scenes and we went about it with improved precision and organization. Light flooded the largely unfurnished condominium, which made for an excellent set. Many thanks to the producers and Assistant Director Kevin Wooley for location scouting.

After lunch, while we worked the rest of…

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