Phase III

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Phase III: Cut, Paste, and Race! (Sunday 1AM to Sunday 7:30PM)

As the second half of the 48 hours wore on, I learned just how wise it had been for the team to insist that we allot as much time to editing as possible. Editing turned out to be an essential factor in making the film visually and aurally arresting. Our editor, Chris, was quite a wonder.

Over and over throughout the night, Chris pasted together disparate pieces of audio and video, assembling the scenes we had begun imagining on Friday night. I stayed on hand, using the annotated script to locate the strong takes, and contributing my aesthetic sense to progressive scenes.

Lay On That Sweet Sound

By 5AM we had a rough full length edit of the movie which I was able to upload for our composer in Los Angeles, Ryan Hurtgen. By dawn, we had most of…

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