GREAT post by none other than Katrina at Freedom to a Full Life!

Freedom to a Full Life

I’ve written numerous posts about how emotions, our own energy and the energy of others affects our physical bodies and physical health. I’ve also written posts on being authentic, real and true to yourself. Most of us try to balance our own authenticity with consideration for others, which is usually a noble act because we are showing compassion and respect for others. But sometimes, our personal energy is so completely incompatible with the energy of another person just being in the same room with them is detrimental to our health. This is not to say that either person is truly wrong or bad, the simple truth is, the energies between the two are in complete opposition. When this happens, the best thing for both people, is to get away from each other, get out of the relationship and separate ourselves from each other.

If this has never happened to you…

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