Spirit and Us: Reblogged from Freedom to a Full Life. Wonderful and insightful, as usual 🙂

Freedom to a Full Life

I love all the comments I’ve received so far from yesterday’s post. I want to add a little information today. We are all born with a Divine calling or mission. However, we engage in numerous “off-broadway” scenarios on the side. Circumstances, relationships, even employment or schooling that have little or nothing to do with the big reason we’re here. These “off-broadway” plays serve many purposes; entertainment, comfort, challenges for growth, family (and family often teaches us more than we thought we ever wanted to know), healing or possibly we’re playing a part in someone else’s “off-broadway” skit and we don’t readily see the purpose of our role. But, trust in the Creator, there’s a reason.

Often we become so caught up in these side skits we lose sight of our Divine calling or we allow the negative energy to trap us, which slows us down or inhibits our growth and…

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