How thin is too thin?

No, I’m not referring to weight here.  More like: when we over work ourselves and spread ourselves thin, how thin is too thin?  When do we know that we’ve crossed the line, going from managing all that needs to be done to taking on more than we can handle while convincing ourselves that it needs to be done?  Do we really need to do any of it?

How thin is too thin?

When we fill our days, keep busy with work, a full social calendar, housework, meal making, caring for family, and the 10 million other things that most of us fill our time with, is there ever really a moment to just sit and restore ourselves?  We experience less restive sleep than in the past, many of us waking still groggy and tired.  What’s happening is that our brains are still ‘switched on’, working through all of the lists of chores and activities we fall asleep thinking about.  When we don’t allow our mind and body to truly relax and rest, we age faster and less gracefully, and our health and immune system is often the first thing to decline (think: the immediate sickness you get after a period of intense stress – studying for finals, a big project for work, etc.).

So, again I ask you: How thin is too thin?  How do you know when you area about to spread yourself too thin before you cross that line?  Do you experience thoughts, dreams, does your body signal you with aches and pains, or do your loved ones keep you in check?  The key here is learning to recognize the signs within yourself before it’s too late.  Put into practice Self care and Self love.  The dishes can wait until the morning.  It’s okay to say ‘no’ to happy hour this week.  There is nothing wrong with asking another parent to carpool or pick up/drop off your chile to next week’s game or practice so you can get a very short but very important half hour to nurture yourself.

Your Soul will thank you for it later!


2 thoughts on “How thin is too thin?

  1. Really well written! I seem to go in cycles where I spread myself too thin, then cut back. Men seem to have just an on-off switch. Women seem to have lots of dials, buttons, gauges and meters. There is a lot to balance. 🙂

    • Thank you!

      Yes, I think you’re right about the way that men and women respond differently to the feeling of ‘need’. My husband usually says, “Why kill yourself doing it today, when you can do it tomorrow?” My train of thought is usually, “Don’t put off ’till tomorrow what can be done today.” Needless to say, he usually seems much more relaxed than I do!

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