May We All Be Forgotten – A Story About Making Goodness Normal

I love this book, and this is a FANTASTIC message! As usual, from Darren Poke 🙂

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Best-selling author of the Alchemist, Paulo Coelho, tells the story of Abbot Lucas, who gathered together his brothers from the monastery of Sceta for a sermon.

“May you all be forgotten,” he said.

“But why?” one of the brothers asked. “Does that mean that our good example can never serve to help someone in need?”

“In the days when everyone was just, no one paid any attention to people who behaved in an exemplary manner,” replied the abbot. “Everyone did their best, never thinking that by behaving thus they were doing their duty by their brother.  They loved their neighbour because they understood that this was a normal part of life.

“They shared their possessions in order not to accumulate more than they could carry, for they understood that journeys lasted a whole lifetime.

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