About Rita

Welcome to Science of the Soul Workshop Series (SoS)!  I am Rita, founder and lead facilitator of SoS workshops, seminars, talks, programs, and Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching services.  I am formally trained as an Art Psychotherapist, a certified Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, workshop facilitator, university lecturer, artist, sister, daughter, wife, mother, poet, scuba diver, quilter, scrapbooker, painter, and all around Creative Enthusiast.

It is my goal to help you achieve a more well-balanced lifestyle and higher quality of Life through the use of Creativity, imagery, and your Imagination.  My work as an Art Psychotherapist has taught me that a little play time never hurt anybody, but only brought them closer to their true Self.  My work as a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach has taught me that a little encouragement towards living a healthier, cleaner, more grounded lifestyle takes much of the work out of personal growth and development.  I have found a unique way to bridge the two disciplines to encourage and guide you, the client, towards your ultimate experience of happiness – and you decide what that is, I just help you get there!

We live in a society of long hours and short days, giving to others and taking from ourselves.  Self-care is the most important factor in determining our health, happiness, and motivation for future successes, big and small.  If we do not nurture ourselves through Creativity, Self-Love, and genuine fun, then the Journey can be long and tedious.  Allow me to help you clear your path to a Healthy and happy future!


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