About SoS

Science of the Soul Workshop Series (SoS) is dedicated to helping you achieve Mind, Body, Soul awareness, alignment, and wellness through many means.  Science of the Soul primarily emphasizes Creativity, Imagination, imagery, and positive energy to encouraging people towards living a more well-balanced lifestyle.  With everything from workshops and seminars, to wellness programs and lifestyle coaching, Science of the Soul offers services to suit you in your endeavor towards a cleaner, healthier, higher quality of Life.

If you or someone you know is in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area and are interested in delving deeper as a means to change your Life dramatically, consider attending a free talk, wellness program, or Creativity Workshop in the area.

If you are outside of the Raleigh/Durham, NC area and are interested in the science of your Soul, consider attending a free online webinar, teleseminar, or the Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching packages offered on the Services page.

Call or email for more information about coaching packages or group functions.

917.524.8206 ▪ Info@SoSWorkshopSeries.com



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