Get Your Creativity On!

Check back here each month for new uploads of my Monthly Creative Experiential newsletters.

These newsletters provide an opportunity for you to engage your Creative Self, your Inner Child, if you will, at least once a month.  They require NO art skill or experience; just an open mind and an active imagination!

I encourage you to try these.  Become aware of the feelings they arise in you (frustration, anger, joy, relaxation, irritability, etc), and share your thoughts, photos, and process with the rest of us.

I invite you to share these newsletters with your loved ones and readers.  If you like what you read and are interested in receiving real-time newsletters in your inbox, please sign up here.


April 2012 – Experimenting With Materials                                   May 2012 – Inspiration Board

June 2012 – What Does ‘Peace’ Mean to You?                                  July 2012 – Watercolor Fun!

August 2012 – Altered Books                                               September 2012 – What’s Your Story?

October 2012 – Photo Therapy                                                   November 2012 – Gratitude Cards

December 2013 – Year of Inspiration                                 January 2013 – Road Map of Changes


Care to share?

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